Thread subject: :: Antlered Richardia fly from Mindo cloudforest, Ecuador

Posted by pbertner on 13-04-2011 04:11

Antlered Richardia fly:
So you see the 'normal' Richardia sp. of the last few pics and you think, "Wow could nature be any more strange and beautiful?" And then WHAM a f*%$ing antler comes out an eye!
Nothing says don't f$#@ with me like spikes coming out of one's eyes.

Thanks for looking and commenting,

Posted by pwalter on 13-04-2011 07:24

Really nice shots!

Posted by ChrisR on 13-04-2011 09:56

That's incredible - I wonder what purpose they serve?

Posted by Paul Beuk on 13-04-2011 10:33

The same purpose as deer antlers.

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 13-04-2011 15:17

Paul Bertner, you know you are a very lucky guy to testify such event!
This is a WOW event. In the Lauxaniidae we also can see comparable events but in the genitalia part with the eversible glands.

Posted by John Smit on 13-04-2011 15:37

Indeed a Richardia and mosty probably an undescribed species.