Thread subject: :: Egle minuta

Posted by javanerkelens on 31-03-2011 16:24

Don’t give up the hope!

Next time, just again cut of the last part of the abdomen, put it in a small box and pour some boiling water on it and put it all away for one day.
Then the genitals are weak enough.
Take it all then into a box with only the bottom a little wet, so the genitals keep wet and not dry up…. (not to much water otherwise the genitals keep turning in the water!)
Then you can separate the important parts with a needle and pair of tweezers.
Put the genitals afterwards in alcohol.
(I use KOH to soften the genitals, but with boiling water it mostly also works)

And of course…you always can send me some species!:)

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