Thread subject: :: Egle minuta

Posted by Stephen R on 30-03-2011 19:16

I'm really struggling with this one! The genitalia are not any easier to see now they are completely transparent - I don't know how you managed that photo; did you take it through the microscope? I still think they look like the drawings for E. minuta: the cercal plate strongly waisted and the surstyli with the thumb-like step on the inner edge (E. parva doesn't seem to have this). I haven't yet managed to separate out the internal bits, but I'll keep trying. Should have started on something bigger!

Here is a photo of the specimen I am examining in case I've got mixed up and it isn't the one in the live photo. I see what you mean about E. parva, and I was a bit uncertain about the 'single row of hairs' on the gena in Michael's key, as the ones on mine are not in a neat row at all. The tibiae don't look too different from yours if I put them at the same angle. I find the facial measurements tricky because they are so dependent on view point.

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