Thread subject: :: Egle minuta

Posted by javanerkelens on 29-03-2011 21:04

By change i got today a Egle minuta by post (from Dick Belgers) and it was nice to see.(New for the Netherlands) Comparing it to your fly i don't think it is E.ciliata. Also we can see long pv on the hind femur, so likely again E. rhinotmeta.
The differents between E.lyneborgi / suwai are really difficult to make .
E. lyneborgi = Surstyli in lateral view relatively broad. Apical extension of cerci often somewhat tapering on distal third. Pstgonite without anterior transverse edge.
E. suwai = Surstyli in lateral view relatively narrow. Apical extension of cerci not tapering on distal third. Postgonit with anterior transverse edge.
(ref: Revision of the willow catkin flies, genus Egle from V.Michelsen)

I show also a photo of the genitals from E.minuta i made today..(not very sharp, but genitals where less then a millimetre)

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