Thread subject: :: Bombyliidae - Villa venusta et Villa hottentotta

Posted by Frank Koehler on 08-10-2006 07:05

Early Sunday morning:
Please let me ask for confirmation for two "easy species.
These are all Villa hottentotta, right? Thanks for your reply Frank

#0111 Austria / Tirol, Nauders, Martawald, 1100m, VIII.2004

#0880 Austria / Osttirol: Tassenbach, Drau, 1000 m, VIII.2004

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Posted by Kahis on 08-10-2006 08:49

1. Probably Villa venusta, not hottentotta.
2. Very worn: Villa venusta? Definitely not hottentotta though, widely infusctae wing and silver tegula (small disk at wing base)
3. Probably hottentotta.

Posted by Frank Koehler on 08-10-2006 21:45

Thank you very much, Kahis. There was no protest of other members, so I will use your suggestion to rename my photo folders. The first two pics should belong to the same species. There were a lot specimen of this fly on Heracleum - only one older (?) "naked specimen". Best regards Frank