Thread subject: :: Gall on Salix

Posted by Liekele Sijstermans on 05-01-2011 02:04

Skuhrava (1986) treated Rhabdophaga as a synoniem / part of Dasineura. Later publications of Skuhrava dit not follow this concept.

Gagne (2004) treats R. rosaria as a synonym of R. strobilina.

According to Skuhrava & Skuhravy (2006) R. strobilina is a seperate species. I have only an abstract of that article, therefore I do not know their motivation.

Roskam (2009) mentions R. strobilina as an inquilin of galls of R. rosaria.

In Cecidomyiidae it often occurs that synonyms are defined on bases of the galls. Research may proof that some species are inquilins living in the same galls.

Your picture shows the gall of R. rosaria and maybe R. strobilina lived in it too.