Thread subject: :: Gall on Salix

Posted by pierred on 04-01-2011 14:56

Pascal Vigneron : France : Balesmes : 52200 : 09/08/2010
Altitude : NR - Taille : 3cm
Réf. : 65489

It looks like the Rabdophaga rosaria to be found in the gallery (http://www.dipter...to_id=2653).

I looked on FE about those Cecidomyiidae (whose group coordinator is Paul Beuk himself) and didn't find any R. rosaria. The author of the picture told me that R. rosaria should be R. strobilina (Bremi, 1847). Does this hold true?

On the Internet, one can often find IDs like Rabdophaga (Dasineura) rosaria for this gall. In FE, Rabdophaga and Dasineura are different genera. Did it change recently?