Thread subject: :: Leucopis formosana (Diptera: Chamaemyiidae)

Posted by thongism on 14-12-2010 21:11

Can you tell me requirements of temperature and r.h. to rearing L. formosana, plz?

Posted by thongism on 16-12-2010 19:07

I collected it on Citrus.

Posted by Steve Gaimari on 16-12-2010 21:14

I really don't think you would need specific temperatures and relative humidity to rear these - the species is very widespread and must have a wide range of tolerances. The key will be to give them the appropriate aphids. Although they have only been reared from a handful of aphid species (Aphis chloris, A. craccivora, A. gossypii, A. spiraecola, Macrosiphum rosae, Myzus persicae), they may have a wider host range, especially if given a no choice situation.

Posted by thongism on 29-12-2010 09:20

Thank you for advices.

You may right but now my school lacks of equipments. I am afraid of aphids and silverlies will not survive in the room conditions (approximately 30C, 60-70% r.h.).

Posted by hningrum on 18-04-2012 22:05

i have experience in rearing A. craccivora, A. gossypii on Alfalfa and Cucurbits plants, under room temperature and was successful. especially A. gossypii was grow fast in Cucurbits.
but take care with population because A. gossypii colony is easy to give an wing adult when crowded and fly everywhere.

good luck