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Posted by nick upton on 01-12-2010 13:11

Just tell him to sit around in a Latin American rainforest at night without much mosquito repellent on, and in time, he may get as "lucky" as I did, while watching tree frogs spawning. If he's extra lucky he might even get a cluster of them... I've heard of people getting up to 9 of these little monsters burrowing around at the same time. Not too painful in some places, if disfiguring, but a skull drilling larva is excrutiating and bag of frozen peas only gives relief for so long... :( Most lightweight non-dipterists try to remove the grubs asap, the time honoured method being to strap a thick bacon joint to the infected area and let these selective foragers head for the good stuff (no really, I know someone who did this in Brazil... Also met a rainforest guide in Peru who helped extract 7 grubs from around the bikini line of a young lady tourist who was very ditressed by her new acquisitions. His method was to smoke a cigarette, blow the smoke through a handkechief to capture some tar, smear this into the breathing hole with a matchstick, then cover the hole with sticky tape. The tar allegedly makes the larva sick, it comes up to escape, gets stuck on and can then be removed with the tape. Others just use the tape... to make them come up for air and get stuck. I had local anaesthetic surgery so the doc could talk me through what she found, a 3 week old one one that had gone nearly full term It's probably still in a bottle in alcohol as she preserved it for posterity...