Thread subject: :: Melanostoma

Posted by Juergen Peters on 14-05-2005 21:38


I don't want to flood the forum with too many contributions a day, so only this last one today...

I still have difficulties to distinguish the two main Melanostoma species here in Ostwestfalen/Germany, M. mellinum and M. scalare, which are both numerously on the wing currently. The keys only give attributes which can't be seen on a lower res photograph, but is it generally correct that the yellow markings on the male abdomen of M. scalare are broader than on M. mellinum?

So, is this a male M. mellinum?

And this a male M. scalare?

And what about this female?

Last not but least another syrphid. I think this is Dasysyrphus albostriatus (?).

Thanks again!