Thread subject: :: Trust books about entomology

Posted by Susan R Walter on 25-09-2006 12:54

I've had the new Chinery on order (and paid for:() from Amazon for over a year now. I suppose it will eventually turn up in my letterbox.

I have seen the French version advertised somewhere, but assumed it was just a translation (although I did notice it was called Insects of France and Western Europe). Now I am spending more time in France, perhaps I should get it - presumably it indicates French species in much the same way as the Bristish Isles one indicates British species, and includes some French vernacular names. Does it have a slightly different set of species to focus on France? Can anyone give me an overview of the contents?

I notice that the old, out of print British Isles Chinery is getting very expensive. When I bought it a few years ago I got it second hand for 15 pounds sterling. Now I see it on Amazon second hand for 35 or even 45 pounds.

Just as an aside, the new Identification Guide for Dragonflies of Europe, by KD Dijkstra and Richard Lewington is fantastic:D