Thread subject: :: Trust books about entomology

Posted by paqui on 24-09-2006 00:09

you can find 2 editions in spanish; one of them says for spain and europe (spanish references are just a few) and the classical one. The one with the comment of "spanish" has more descriptions of families but less pictures, the other general one (without the word spanish) is more actualized and has more species drawings

*with the comment spanish: available in about 39e and "just" european one in 37e

*http://www.dipter...ad_id=3136 this french one has general introduction to diptera,keys to families and photographs, no drawings and just for diptera

*http://www.dipter...ad_id=2175 this one has photographs and some "light" description of each order/family, worldwide, edited in italian, spanish..
-new edition: http://www.fnac.e...dID=572914

*in spanish you can find very cheap the "Blume" field guides , there is one for insects and another for spiders and related (approx 9 euros each) with pictures,
-new edition: http://www.fnac.e...dID=438737

there are some more, less "serious"
anyway the best (in my opinion) is Chinery

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