Thread subject: :: Three syrphids

Posted by Juergen Peters on 05-05-2005 20:33


All these three syrphids I found today here in Ostwestfalen/Germany on a meadow near a forest. Can someone please help me identify them? Thanks in advance!

The first one, I assume, belongs to the genus Dasysyrphus. Is it possible to determine the species after that photo?

The second one was about the same size and look as an Eristalis species, but with a quite different wing posture:

The third one (sorry for the bad photo quality, it was rather stormy) was about 10 mm long.

Posted by Gerard Pennards on 05-05-2005 22:17

Hello Juergen,
To cut to the cheese: :-))
1) Indeed a Dasysyrphus, and my guess would be a female of D. venustus, although you would have to see the face to avoid confusion with D. hilaris! D. hilaris has a yellow face, D. venustus a black stripe from mouth to antennae!
2) Certainly a male of Cheilosia, and I think this is C. albipila!
It seems to have dark hairs on the eyes, tibia 3 is yellow and the antennae are orange!
3) I think this is a male of Parasyrphus annulatus! Visible is tibia 3, which is yellow at base and dark at the top!

Posted by Juergen Peters on 05-05-2005 23:20

Hello, Gerard!

Gerard Pennards wrote:
To cut to the cheese: :-))

Thank you very much! :-)