Thread subject: :: Psacadina (Sciomyzidae)

Posted by Frank Marquard on 28-10-2009 20:57


this Sciomyzidae (~8 mm) I found today at the edge of a small pond.
Can something be said to the species at the photo - and one can " P. verbekei/zernyi" (my favorites) at the photo differentiate?



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Posted by Frank Marquard on 30-10-2009 15:19

Hello again :),

Property again in the net searched, and an interesting key found:

Therefore it should to concern here P. verbekei (In the key still P. punctata).
Do I interpret that wrong or is the key obsolete?

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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 30-10-2009 16:13

I'd say Psacadina sp. without genitalia examination

Posted by Frank Marquard on 30-10-2009 17:01

Thanks for your answer, Nkikita!
Would too good to be true... :|

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