Thread subject: :: Siphonella oscinina, Chloropidae

Posted by JariF on 21-08-2009 19:11


Chloropidae maybe ? August 20.2009 Helsinki, Finland.


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Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 21-08-2009 19:38

Milichiidae. Maybe Madiza glabra male! :|

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Posted by JariF on 22-08-2009 07:53

Jorge, You made my day :D I have never seen Milichiidae before. I have only the Bei-Bienko key and maybe it's more like Phyllomyza ?


Posted by ibrake on 28-01-2010 12:15

No, this is not a milichiid. It belongs to the Chloropidae. It doesn't have any orbital or frontal setae and you can faintly see the wave in the posterior wing vein (CuA1).


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Posted by JariF on 28-01-2010 16:07

Thank You. In fact I forgot to change the name of this thread after Kahis said the same thing. So far unidentified Chloropidae it will be.


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Posted by AlexP on 28-01-2010 16:45

Siphonella oscinina it may be. Try to check it with Bei-Bienko key, should be easy ;)

Posted by JariF on 28-01-2010 17:36

Yes, that's what it is :) Thank You Alex and Bei-Bienko :D