Thread subject: :: ID confirmation- Conopid fly

Posted by LordV on 09-07-2006 09:35

Taken Yesterday South Coast UK- Think I've correctly ID'd this as a Conopid fly- Sicus ferrugineus. In my British Insects book it's in the hoverfly section. About 13mm long uncurled I think. It's sitting on a Rhododendron which is next to a Hebe bush in full flower and covered with bumblebees- Did see the fly sipping nectar from the Hebe at one stage but didn't see it attack any bumblebees. Thought I'd found a biting hoverfly initially with that proboscis :) .
Brian V.

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Posted by Tony Irwin on 09-07-2006 10:14

Hi Brian
It is a female Sicus ferrugineus. There is a second (very rare) British species - abdominalis - but it has a shorter second abdominal segment, and much larger theca (the ventral projection on segment 5). There's other species on mainland Europe which perhaps we should be looking out for as well. I've no idea how to tell the males apart!

Posted by LordV on 09-07-2006 10:48

Thanks tony for the confirmation and info :)
Brian V.