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Posted by Paula on 08-03-2005 02:14

Hello! i?m working to do a list of flies from my city to the university. I?m looking for some keys to caliphoridae and sarcophagidae. I downloaded de DELTA program to use key in .ink extension. has somebody that kid of key? Thank you very much and sorry for my english!!!!

Posted by Paul Beuk on 08-03-2005 09:16

To my knowledge, no Delta/Intkey keys were yet released for Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae. Your best option is probably to contact specialists who may be aware of comprehensive publications about your local fauna.

For the Sarcophagidae I suggest you contact Dr Thomas Pape in Denmark (). He is author of the Catalogue of the Sarcophagidae of the World (1996) and has started (together with Ulf Carlberg in Sweden) a pictorial guide to the Sarcophagidae of the world ( At present it is far from complete but you may try to use this to your advantage also.

For Calliphoridae you may contact Prof. Knut Rognes (). I do not think he is well-specialised in your local fauna but he may be able to point you in the right direction for literature or someone who can provide it.

Posted by Zeegers on 10-03-2005 21:40


From which country are you ? Spain or somewhere in Latin America ?

Anyway, both Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae are quite difficult groups and therefore hardly appropriate for beginners. Identification in these groups leans heavily on the male genitalia, which need to be prepareted in most cases.

For northern Europe, I recommand Fauna of Scandinavia (Thomas Pape on Sarcophagidae, Knut Rognes on Calliphoridae), both are leading European experts.
For central Europe, you might consult Povolny & Verves (in supplement of Spixiana) on Sarcophagidae or Draber-Monko in Fauna of Poland (very recent!!, and in polish language) on Calliphoridae.

For Mediterrean region, the only comprehensive work seems to be Seguy in Fauna de France. However, handle with care ! (His treatment of several groups, like Lucilia, is quite cumbersome).

The parts of Lindner are not completed, I think. The key to genera in the Sarcophagidae-part is a desaster, especially for the beginner!

F. Mihalyi in Fauna Hungariae (both families in 1 part) is very good in pictures, however, text in hungarian. Possibly difficult to get a copy.

and if you live in latin America, all this is useless.

Good luck

Theo Zeegers

Posted by Paula on 15-03-2005 23:35

Thanks you for the information!!!

Posted by Zeegers on 16-03-2005 21:45

You're welcome.

Still have no clue on your location.

Theo Zeegers

Posted by Paul Beuk on 17-03-2005 09:31

I had a peek behind the screens: it is Argentina.

Posted by Paula on 10-04-2005 23:40

Hello everybody, i?m from argentina !!! i?m going on in the identifications quite slow. I have a very good key from the national history museum. It helps me a lot!!
Thank you!!!

Posted by paqui on 09-04-2006 18:29

I foundt this keys in a web from Argentina time ago; i don?t know if they?re correct, but interesting (but for Diptera families).

in Spanish, i?m sorry