Thread subject: :: Identification key

Posted by Paul Beuk on 07-07-2006 10:07

Well, unfortunately, the only available key is that by Engel (Engel, E.O., 1932-1937. 25. Bombyliidae. In: Die Fliegen der pal?arktischen Region 4(3) (E. Lindner, ed.): 1-619, pl. 1-15. E. Schweizerbart, Stuttgart.). Old and outdated, not easy to get and probably expensive. Otherwise I am not aware of any keys that will cover the whole area.

Greathead & Evenhuis (Greathead, D.J., & N.L. Evenhuis, 1997. Family Bombyliidae. In: Contributions to a manual of Palaearctic Diptera Volume 2 (L. Papp & B. Darvas, eds.): 487-512. Science Herald, Budapest.) provide a key to the Palaearctic genera and may give references to available generic revisions.