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Posted by Tabanus on 16-06-2006 14:23

Dear All;

I need a Key for spices belong to Bombyliidae for Palaearctic area.
Thank you four your helps. :)

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 16-06-2006 15:20

So interesting I (few weeks back from Turkey - rich place for unidentified Bombyliidae;))

Posted by paqui on 06-07-2006 11:28

i?ve foundt ony a web for neartic ones, doesn?t reaally fit here, i?m interested too, maybe David Gibbs knows..

Posted by Robert Nash on 07-07-2006 09:07

The major works listed by Hollis (1980) are
Hull, F.M. ,1973. Bee flies of the world. The genera of the family Bombyliidae.Washington (Smithsonian Institution Press) 687 pp. Keys subfamilies, genera (generic placements controversial).
Evenhuis, N.L.,1991.Catalog of genus-group names of bee flies (Diptera: Bombyliidae) Bishop Museum Bulletin of Entomology 5: 1?105.
Bowden, J.,1980 Family Bombyliidae. pp. 381?430. In R.W. Crosskey (ed.), Catalogue of the Diptera of the Afrotropical Region, 1437 pp., London: British Museum (Natural History)

He gives no references specifically for the Palaearctic area:(:(.

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Posted by Paul Beuk on 07-07-2006 10:07

Well, unfortunately, the only available key is that by Engel (Engel, E.O., 1932-1937. 25. Bombyliidae. In: Die Fliegen der pal?arktischen Region 4(3) (E. Lindner, ed.): 1-619, pl. 1-15. E. Schweizerbart, Stuttgart.). Old and outdated, not easy to get and probably expensive. Otherwise I am not aware of any keys that will cover the whole area.

Greathead & Evenhuis (Greathead, D.J., & N.L. Evenhuis, 1997. Family Bombyliidae. In: Contributions to a manual of Palaearctic Diptera Volume 2 (L. Papp & B. Darvas, eds.): 487-512. Science Herald, Budapest.) provide a key to the Palaearctic genera and may give references to available generic revisions.

Posted by paqui on 07-07-2006 20:57

thanks you all :)