Thread subject: :: Little embryos inside the eggs - What animal?

Posted by pwalter on 29-01-2009 18:08

Hi, this egg-mass was found in Hungary, forest, on a leaf approx. 10 cm high from ground, by a small brook, middle of October. Would be very interesting to know the animal. I think it can't be an amphibian. Maybe a slug? snail? The mass was about 1 cm diameter.

Posted by John Bratton on 29-01-2009 22:39

I think there are some caddiesflies (Trichoptera) that lay gelatinous egg masses on leaves overhanging the water.

John Bratton

Posted by John Bratton on 29-01-2009 22:39

Opps. I meant caddisflies.

Posted by Tony Irwin on 30-01-2009 01:47

I agree with John on this - see
The black dots on the embryos will be the black eyes which are characteristic of many Trichoptera larvae

Posted by pwalter on 01-02-2009 01:03

Hi! Thanks for all the infos! I think than that these embryos must belong to Ironoquia dubia caddisfly. I found a specimen just cms away from the egg mass. It's almost unique of our caddisflies because it swarmes in Autumn (October, this time).

Here are the embryos and the animal: