Thread subject: :: What kind of larva is this?

Posted by ChrisR on 31-10-2008 21:47

Richard Lewington asked me to post his photo here and inquire whether anyone knows what kind of larva it is. I am assuming it is dipteran :) It was found quite recently (I think October) in southern England.

Posted by pierred on 01-11-2008 08:15


Looking in the Rotheray, Volucella inanis could be a candidate.

Posted by Tony Irwin on 01-11-2008 18:32

Certainly looks just like the inanis larvae I've seen

Posted by Guenter on 01-11-2008 21:58

Yes, it's just like the larvae identified for me last year as Volucella inanis.

Posted by ChrisR on 29-11-2008 10:26

Thanks everyone - I will pass that on :)