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Posted by Gordon on 17-10-2008 14:31

Another small family, this time with 9 species I believe. The only reference I can find that might contain a pan-european key is

Chandler, P.J. 1998. Family Diastatidae. I: Papp, L. og Darvas, B. (red.): Contributions to a Manual of Palaearctic Diptera. 3: 523-530. Science Herald, Budapest.

If there is not a key in that, does anybody know of one? Paul, I have a feeling you have already recorded one species of Diastatidae from my material, Diatstata costata, does it by any chance have an irregular ovoid dark spot over vein DM-Cu??

Sorry to be asking for free gifts of literature all the time, but I am unfunded, uncarred (meaning I have no transport beyond the reach of my pushbike) and unaffiliated, and I would have no chance of finding it here in Greece anyway.

Thanks to whomever can help,

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Posted by Gordon on 17-10-2008 15:43

OK everybody I have the Chandler reference now, thanks to Bjoern Rulik, and so I know it doesn't have a key to species in it, so I am still looking for a key.


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Posted by Paul Beuk on 20-10-2008 08:01

Chandler, P.J., 1987. The families Diastatidae and Campichoetidae (Diptera, Drosophiloidea) with revision of Palaearctic and Nepalese species of Diastata Meigen. - Entomologica Scandinavica 18: 1-50.

Posted by Gordon on 20-10-2008 09:08

Thanks Paul,
If anybody has a PDF copy of this I would be very grateful for it. Otherwise I will have to try and find a photocopy somewhere.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 20-10-2008 09:36

I only have a rather poor photo copy. If I'd try to make it into a pdf it would not be worth much.

Posted by Gordon on 20-10-2008 10:02

OK, Paul, I will look elsewhere. In the meantime did you see my Chloropid post? I would like to be sure those little black-backs are Chloropids and not Milchiids or something else before I send them to Michael.