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Posted by Paul Beuk on 13-05-2006 19:06

You want some kind of manual that can tell you both about current terminology and historical terminology, because you will notice that various keys may use very different terminology. Words like 'anterior' and 'posterior' are not really the problem, but when one key uses 'humerus' and your list only give 'postpronotal lobe', then it will get you nowhere.

I have very good experiences with the Manual of Nearctic Diptera (unfortunately out-of-print). The Contributions to a Manual of Palaearctic Diptera has a comprehensive list with terms (also refering to current accepted terminology if the term is outdated) but the big disadvantage of that work is it's outrageous price.

Online you can try if the Nataomical Atlas helps you out: http://www.dipter...p?cat_id=9.

And to complete things: I am developing an addition for building a Glossary. It should include the use of [glos ] [/glos ] tags (similar to the tags for bold, italics, etc.) that make a term clickable and will lead you to a Glossary page with an explanation/description of the term. The author of any text will need to add those tags him/herself because to have all text automatically search for terms in the Glossary will eventuall slow down the loading of the pages too mucg if the Glossary grows. Furthermore, it will allow members to submit terms for the Glossary that I (or perhaps other appointed by me) can approve and publish. Terms will be placed in categories, allowing, for example, subdivision in taxonomical categories (what are calyptrates, dolies, etc.), anatomical regions (head, thorax, legs, wings, etc.), biological features (ovovivipary, kleptoparasitism, etc.), you name it.
The skeleton of the addition are more or less ready (a few little quirks), but I am waiting for the CMS update that is close, so I do not have to start updating files again in another few weeks.

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