Thread subject: :: Phyllomyza (Milichiidae)

Posted by Kahis on 09-01-2005 20:51

Thanks for your reply. I am currently using the key in Bei-Bienko, but it lacks some species known from Finland, and several others from C. Europe.

Not that this matter is of the highest importance.B) This problem but a small foothill next to the Alps of northern Anthomyiid identification:

I spent my weekend sorting through some root flies from arctic Finland, and I can only say ow, ow, wow. It's painful, but in a good way... Three of the twelve or so species I checked today from male genitalia seem to be missing from the palaearctic revision of Herting in Lindner. :o:o:D. I guess I must add dr. Michelsen onto the list of persons to contact 'when I'm sorted through my material'.