Thread subject: :: Phyllomyza (Milichiidae)

Posted by Kahis on 08-01-2005 16:33


I am trying to identify my (meager) Milichiid material. Most of the genera in this family have few species, but Phyllomyza is slightly larger. And don't know of any recent key for (North) European species of this genus - do you have any ideas? The Milichiid homepage has photos & original descriptions for some species, but they are not that helpful :-(


Posted by Paul Beuk on 09-01-2005 13:10

I am not aware of any recent keys. The most recent one, possibly adapted from Lindner with additions of Fauna Hungariae, would be the key in Keys to the Insects of the European Part of Russia (Bei-Bienko, 1989).

My copy is at the office and I will check. I may even throw up a photocopy and put it somewhere here for download. Any other suggestions are welcome!

Of course, you can also contact Irina Brake from her website.

Posted by Kahis on 09-01-2005 20:51

Thanks for your reply. I am currently using the key in Bei-Bienko, but it lacks some species known from Finland, and several others from C. Europe.

Not that this matter is of the highest importance.B) This problem but a small foothill next to the Alps of northern Anthomyiid identification:

I spent my weekend sorting through some root flies from arctic Finland, and I can only say ow, ow, wow. It's painful, but in a good way... Three of the twelve or so species I checked today from male genitalia seem to be missing from the palaearctic revision of Herting in Lindner. :o:o:D. I guess I must add dr. Michelsen onto the list of persons to contact 'when I'm sorted through my material'.