Thread subject: :: baccha, i suppose

Posted by paqui on 25-04-2006 13:24

this seems baccha. I?ve seen there?s a gender of Bombyliidae, "Systropus" that has the same shape; it?doesn?t appear in fauna europaea but, is there any gender of bombyliidae with a similar shape here in europe?

Posted by Paul Beuk on 25-04-2006 13:44

From the wing venation it is clear that it is Baccha.

Posted by paqui on 27-04-2006 12:03


Posted by Xespok on 27-04-2006 14:21

Systropus is laterally flattened not horizontally.
It also has long antennae, unlike Baccha and related hover flies.
The legs are much longer.
I think Systropus is an oriental genus, but I might well be wrong.

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Posted by Maddin on 19-05-2006 00:13

Systropus and close related genera are in North America, South America, Australia, SE Asia, India and South Africa, but not in the tropical Africa or most of the Palaearctic (they are in Korea). There is one species in Israel, Egypt, that is the closest this group comes to Europe...

Posted by paqui on 31-05-2006 22:17

thank you very much!! :o