Thread subject: :: Regarding Collins Field Guide INSECTS OF BRITAIN AND NORTHERN EUROPE

Posted by Andy Chick on 08-01-2008 18:25

Susan R Walter wrote:

Chinery's Western Europe is generally considered better than Northern Europe, particularly for those of us in Britain, but with all his guides the complaint is that there are too many moths (his particular interest) and not enough flies. I have the Complete Guide (2005) with the photos, but cannot really recommend it, as it covers far fewer species. Its only advantage for me is distribution maps (and I have discovered that for one of the fly species, the map is wrong, so...). The new edition has been delayed several times, and I am dubious as to how new it is really going to be. I have it on order, so will let you know when it eventually arrives. I heard that it was to have been completely re-written, but that the publishers got cold feet, and so now I don't know what will emerge.

Western europe is better for plate, but northern europe is far better for identifcation, as its key based