Thread subject: :: Pipunculid revisions

Posted by KWQ on 10-12-2004 13:40

Hello! I've been wondering whether the bit older articles on pipunculids by Ackland (1993) and de Meyer (1989) contain comprehensive descriptions of the genera Microcephalops and Cephalops. I've got some problematic specimens and I think the keys of Coe (1966) and von der Dunk (1998?) are a bit mutually contradictory. In other words, are there any pipunculid experts around here? Quite many of the old e-mail addresses of some of the European "gurus" of that family have been outdated, I think. By the way, an interesting site this seems to be!


Posted by Paul Beuk on 10-12-2004 14:33

You can reach Marc De Meyer at .