Thread subject: :: sirphidae

Posted by Paul Beuk on 24-11-2004 21:38

The references:

Doesburg Sr., P.H. van, 1964. Bijdrage tot de kennis van het melanisme bij Syrphiden. ? Entomologische Berichten, Amsterdam 24(6): 117-118.
Doesburg Sr., P.H. van, 1970. Female Syrphid flies without ovarium. ? Entomologische Berichten, Amsterdam 30(8): 157-158.

And about the identity: I was serious about the species more reminding me of S. selenitica than of S. pyrastri, especially the shape of the (very indistinct) markings. I do not have all the details on other characters here, but if someone has the decider why it cannot be S. selenitica, I would be happy to hear.