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Posted by paqui on 18-02-2006 13:52

J. Garc?a has sent this to me, and i have no idea. He has foundt them on a tree. I?m not sure if that larva is the same species of the fly ??
thanks in advance

Posted by Zeegers on 19-02-2006 22:01

the adult fly is probably a Calyptratae, possibly a Tachinidae or Rhinophoridae.
Without wing venation, I can't tell you.

With the specimens in hand, I most likely could be more certain

Theo Zeegers

Posted by paqui on 20-02-2006 14:34

thanks; really difficult with this photo, the larva doesn?t seem diptera to me, but i have no references in immature stages, so i?m not sure, thanks again

Posted by paqui on 28-02-2006 22:02

could it be a beetle larvae? thanks in advance

Posted by totipotent on 29-03-2006 05:54


Yes the larva is a beetle, not sure what type though. I am sure that it is not a fly larva.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 29-03-2006 08:06

Yes, there appear to be a head capsule and several pairs of legs on the left side of the larva. That make a Coleoptera larva very likely.

Posted by paqui on 29-03-2006 23:16

thank you very much, you?ve been really kind :)