Thread subject: :: Bombylidae Larva ....?

Posted by BobGaia on 12-11-2004 23:28


I found this parasite larva in some hymenoptera nest (thought to be some Delta unguiculatum one).
Bombyliidae larva....? what do you think about it ?

04/11/04 (7 mm)

07/11/04 (16 mm)



Found in France, Authon (17)


Thanks ;)

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Posted by Paul Beuk on 15-11-2004 10:50

Hello Bob,

Welcome to the site and forum.

What I can see from the pictures, it does not look like a fly larva to me. My suggestion is that it maybe the larva of a chrysidid wasp. I have no literature available to check, but maybe you have.

Posted by BobGaia on 09-12-2004 22:37

Thank you for your answer, there are fair chances that it is indeed the
larva of a Chrysidae.

Here is what I found in another nest...

PS : Excuse me please for such a late answer but I have been struggling
with a bad computer problem


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Posted by BobGaia on 15-05-2005 16:35


It is not a Chrysidae which appeared but......

According to cthirion, it is a Cryptinae, probably Stenarella domator (Scopoli)