Thread subject: :: Dutch Dolichopodidae

Posted by Kahis on 11-11-2004 15:50

Date wrote:
I will try to get hold of the article via the NEV. Hope it is not in French!

Just in case another reader has a copy: please think of me.


I'm thinking of you right now! :o :D

The Sciapus paper is in clear and concise english. The authors are friendly guys and will probably send you a copy by mail free of charge, if you drop them a note. If you do this, ask also for a copy of Pollet's revision of Palearctic Achalcus - it is indispensable.

For most north/northwest european Dolies Igor's internet keys + d'Assis-Fonseca is enough. Try to find copies of doli volumes of E. Lindner: Die Fligen Palaearktische Region. It covers only about half of the fauna, and parts authored by Stackelberg are more or less obsolete, but the latter half by Negrobov is very useful, especially the revisions or Medetera and Rhaphium.

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