Thread subject: :: Palaearctic Calliphoridae and Sarcohpagidae

Posted by Zeegers on 12-01-2006 20:39


This is not so easy.
Of course you should start with Lindner (Fliegen der Palaearktischen Region). However, it is incomplete (Sarcophaginae not completed) and some chapters are really out of date.
On the other hand, you are probably most interested in only a few genera, like Wohlfartia, Lucilia, Bellardia and so on. So you could start from the biological point and puzzle out the genera you might expect.

For Sarcophagidae, Thomas Pape in Copenhagen is the leading expert.
For Calliphoridae, you might try to consult either John Deeming in Cardiff or Knut Rognes in Norway. Both are, however, to my knowledge quite busy at the moment.

For Calyptratae on living animals (Oestridae and Gastrophilidae), I am more than happy to help you out.

Good luck

theo Zeegers