Thread subject: :: Ephydridae

Posted by serenense7 on 01-05-2024 08:20
Luc Bettinelli : France : Arc-et-Senans : 25610 : 27/04/2024
Altitude : 236 m - Taille : 5 mm ????
Réf. : 341727

Hello, for this Ephydridae, I think about Scatella paludum , but the opinions I've asked for are not unanimous (Philotelma is suggested, especially because the arista can appear plumose, even if it remains barely visible in the photo).

For my part I rely on habitus, wing pattern (pale spots), dorsocentral and acrostichal setae, colour of body and legs.

What do you think ?

I specify that the photo was taken near an unvegetated pond (Arc-et-Senans, France, april 27, 2024).

Best regards

Luc Bettinelli