Thread subject: :: An index of names in Bezzi's collection

Posted by Carlo Monari on 23-04-2024 10:19

Years ago I discovered that the only general index of Bezzi's collection was a hand-written handbook of genera, year 1935. Having some time to spend, I tried to do something to improve the situation; the result of such effort is published here:

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Posted by John Carr on 23-04-2024 14:55

I was surprised to see some of the type series of American species described by the Americans Townsend and Coquillett in his collection.

Posted by Carlo Monari on 23-04-2024 17:08

Bezzi received specimens to examine both from institutions and individuals from everywhere in the world and besides being in corrispondence with the top dipterists of the moment often exchanged material with them. No wonder that some of those specimens remained in his collection.