Thread subject: :: More to say then ♀ Metopia spec.?

Posted by joseevanoers on 12-02-2024 13:18

Date: 2019-09-13
Place: Kralingse Bos Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, Nederland

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Posted by Zeegers on 12-02-2024 21:47

I am not sure, but it actually looks like a male ...


Posted by joseevanoers on 19-02-2024 23:56

Oké... I like to know why Theo

Posted by Zeegers on 20-02-2024 09:08

Shape of abdominal tip. There are two species in which male lack the silvery frontal plates. Of these, M. Campestris is by far the most common.


Posted by joseevanoers on 05-05-2024 20:57

I still have to find my way here, so I missed your educational response Theo. Thank you very much, I will change it :P)