Thread subject: :: cecidomyidae: cf Porricondylinae

Posted by Gerrit Oehm on 09-02-2024 11:32

I found these larvae underneath the bark of a dead Fagus sylvatica branch, that was still hanging on the tree. Found on Jan. 17, 2023 in a forest habitat near Göttingen, Germany.
Any idea if it can be identified further?

Thank you for the help


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Posted by Gerrit Oehm on 09-02-2024 11:33

I would guess that is some member of Nematocera, but it is really just a wild guess.

Posted by atylotus on 11-02-2024 20:13

Seems like Cecidomyiidae to me. Spiracles and head are hardly visible

Posted by John Carr on 12-02-2024 14:26

At least one species of subfamily Porricondylinae is associated with beech. "Females [of Clinorhytis flavitarsis] were observed to deposit eggs into crevices in the bark of decaying European beech, Fagus sylvatica." Jaschhof and Jaschhof (2013). You might find many species in logs. C. flavitarsis is one of them.