Thread subject: :: Dolichopodidae: Diostracus sp.

Posted by ESant on 08-02-2024 14:54


I photographed this fly near Torri del Vajolet (TN), Italy, 2400m a.s.l. on August 6th 2023. I think it is a Dolichopodidae, but is it possible to identify its genus or species from these photos?

Thank you in advance,

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Posted by Paul Beuk on 09-02-2024 09:02

Medetera sp.

Posted by Igor Grichanov on 09-02-2024 11:16

Not Medetera. Looks like female of Diostracus. Alps have 3 species.

Posted by ESant on 09-02-2024 12:24

Thank you both for your comments. Yesterday I had some problems while uploading the second photo, I hope it's displayed correctly now, I wonder if it's possible to say something about the species.

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