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Posted by sjogro on 04-02-2024 19:23

Found 2024/02/03 in rotting pine wood in coastal dunes, Den Haag, The Netherlands.
Looking for an ID.

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Posted by atylotus on 07-02-2024 19:14

Dear Sjogro, beste Sjogro (wij kennen elkaar)
This is the larva of Dictenidia bimaculata. Next to Ctenophora these are the only genera with those thick black hairs along the anal lobes. Dictenidia has well developed dorsal and dorso-lateral anal lobes while those in Ctenophora are strongly reduced.
According to Theowald (1967) the species lives in dead hardwood and in the mulm of various deciduous trees: Betula, Fagus, Quercus, Salix.
atylotus a.k.a. Ton

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Posted by sjogro on 07-02-2024 23:27

Thanks atylotus (Ton)! Especially for the additional information. Found this one in a decaying seperated branch of Pinus nigra. Betula and Quercus were also in near vicinity.