Thread subject: :: Chironomini (Chironomidae)? -> maybe Phaenospectra flavipes

Posted by smol on 13-01-2024 21:50

Thank you very much for this, John Carr! I did find the Chironomidae sources of Goetghebuer online, and it already has given me much more insight on what is needed to identify species. It will take some time to go through these, but very interesting.

I also found a resource of the Royal Etomological Society, which somewhat correlates with Goetghebuer's work (of course did not compare everything).

The link of PDFs of Die Fliegen (Chironomidae): https://www.zobod...;view=list
Royal Entomological Society: https://www.royen...omidae.pdf

This will hopefully help me to improve the pictures by focussing on the correct characteristics.

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