Thread subject: :: Chironomini (Chironomidae)? -> maybe Phaenospectra flavipes

Posted by smol on 06-01-2024 22:41

John Carr wrote:
Tribe Chironomini. Most members of tribe Chironomini fit into one of these genus groups:

Chironomus, Harnischia, and other genera with reduced flagellomere count in males.
Polypedilum, Endochironomus, Sergentia, etc.
Microtendipes, Lautoborniella, etc.

It's probably in the group with Polypedilum, but I don't think it is Polypedilum.

Very interesting, thank you! I misjudged this one as a female, did not notice the plumose antennae until I zoomed in :)

I still find it interesting to see the variations of different species and get some categorization of tribe/subfamily. However, out of curousity, is there any hope in indentifying adult Chironomidae getting to genus or even species level without dissection? I do recognize the general shape (and with this info, also the flagellomere count) would get you to subfamily/tribe, but hope to increase the usefulness of my sightings a bit.
Most of the names are done in the larvae state in my surroundings.

Thanks for all the help!