Thread subject: :: Horse-fly South Africa->male Haematopota!

Posted by Pietsje on 29-12-2023 19:31

I would like to know which species I have observed.
It concerns this observation: https://observati...293626036/.
1 Horse-fly unknown - Tabanidae indet.
date: 2023-11-21
location: South Africa - Timbavati Private Nature Reserve


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Posted by Zeegers on 29-12-2023 22:51

that is a male Haematopota, it will prove quite a challenge to be identified.


Posted by John Carr on 29-12-2023 22:55

Probably Haematopota, with hundreds of species in Africa.

Posted by Pietsje on 30-12-2023 11:20

John, thank you for your reply.

Posted by Pietsje on 30-12-2023 23:38

Theo, thanks, ja dat begreep ik al wel. Niet te doen verder.