Thread subject: :: unknown setacera?

Posted by nielsyese on 30-01-2024 20:30

Let me explain why I think this should be Setacera aurata: the mouth margin has long hairs, there are at least more than 3 postsutural dorsocentrals. On picture 5, 1+3 dc are visible (I think the 2nd postsutural dc is broken because there is a gap). The fly has a green metallic shine. That would leave the genera Ephydra, Setacera or maybe Paracoenia. The last one is a more dark brown species with darkened crossveins, different dusting pattern and other genitalia. The difference between Ephydra and Setacera is more difficult to judge, but at least on picture 3 and 7 you can see the typical long hair on the 3rd antennal segment for Setacera. On picture 2 and 5, no prescutellar acrostichals are present. By the shape of the terminalia in picture 8 I came to the conclusion it should be a female of Setacera aurata.