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Posted by ESant on 15-12-2023 18:38


I photographed this fly in Val Duron (TN), Italy, 1800m a.s.l. on August 2nd 2023. I'm not even sure of the family it may belong to. Could you please help me to identify its genus or species just from this photo?

Thank you in advance,

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Posted by Jan Maca on 16-12-2023 12:56


Posted by ESant on 16-12-2023 13:28

Thank you!

Posted by ESant on 11-01-2024 14:00

Commenting again on this thread to ask if it is possible to say something about the subfamily or genus. After doing some comparisons, I found this individual to be quite similar to Ditrichophora and Diclasiopa. Is one of these options correct or is it something else?

Posted by John Carr on 11-01-2024 14:45

I think Gymnomyzinae is right but I don't know genus. Discocerina is also similar.

Posted by ESant on 11-01-2024 18:39

Thank you John! The subfamily level is already enough for me at the moment.

Posted by Tadeusz Zatwarnicki on 19-01-2024 17:39

Genus is for sure Gymnoclasiopa. Perhaps it is a male of G. nigerrima or G. aulisioi.
Colour of tibiae and face can help to distinguishing of both species.

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Posted by ESant on 19-01-2024 18:14

Thank you very much Tadeusz! Unfortunately I don't have other photos.

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