Thread subject: :: Czech Doli - Achalcus cinereus confirmed

Posted by Sundew on 19-11-2023 03:59

A few years ago, we regularly spent a few spring days in Františkovy Lázně (Czechia), and every time I encountered a small dark Dolichopodid there, which turned out to be Achalcus. Now I checked all relevant threads in the forum archive, and learned from Igor's key (https://diptera.i...Europe.pdf) that it must be A. cinereus or A. thalhammeri. The latter (rather rare) species, which is recorded from Bohemia, has whitish-yellow sternites and dark bristles on thorax and abdomen. I'd like to show you a series of pictures from two years with added notes on the characters of the more frequent A. cinereus. I strongly suspect that the animals I have observed are A. cinereus. Confirmation or correction is highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance, Sundew


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