Thread subject: :: Chironomidae Cricotopus bicinctus ?

Posted by Oryctes on 09-11-2023 15:58
Oryctes : France : Villeneuve-d'Ascq : 59650 : 21/05/2023
Altitude : 21 m - Taille : 3 mm environ
Réf. : 333606

I found this little Chironomidae on a Typha latifolia leaf at the edge of a pond. It was in May of this year in Villeneuve d'Ascq (North in France).
I think it is a female of the genus Cricotopus. In terms of species, could it be the species Cricotopus bicinctus since I see two light areas well defined on the abdomen ?
Thank you in advance for your opinion.
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Posted by John Carr on 09-11-2023 16:13

There are several similarly-colored species of subgenus Cricotopus.

Posted by Oryctes on 09-11-2023 16:41

Thank you John for your answer.
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