Thread subject: :: Sepsis from southern France

Posted by marc thibault on 14-10-2023 11:11

Dear followers,
Although the photo quality is not so good, would it be possible to ID this Sepsis photographed near Arles, southern France, on February 21, 2023?
It seems to me it could be either S. orthocnemis (although the angle on the fore tibia should rule out this species), or S. thoracica, or it might also be S. biflexuosa. It seems to me that S. cynipsea can be ruled out as there is no clear incision to the back of the fore tibia.
Thank you very much for your help.
Marc Thibault

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Posted by marc thibault on 18-11-2023 11:15

Hi all,
Any idea about the identity of this Sepsis?