Thread subject: :: Chironomidae from Suriname

Posted by Auke on 02-10-2023 21:13

Could someone narrow down the ID of this specimen? Spotted in Suriname.

Posted by John Carr on 03-10-2023 01:07

Probably in the Axarus rogersi species group. Note that the wings are overlapping, quite rare in Chironomidae.

Posted by Auke on 05-10-2023 18:04

Thanks again!

So cf. Axarus rogersi species group. Can I be certain of the tribe Chironomini? And can I be certain of the genus Axarus?

Posted by John Carr on 05-10-2023 21:17

You can tell by the front legs that it belongs to Chironominae. If it is not close to Axarus rogersi then I can't say more. I don't know about the Neotropical Pseudochironomini. The sole genus of that tribe in my area has shorter front legs.