Thread subject: :: Egle brevicornis group - Anthomyiidae

Posted by John Carr on 24-09-2023 23:52

In the Egle brevicornis species group, with three species in your area.

Quoting Martens and Van Erkelens (2019, https://www.resea...-1374-8297):

"This paper focuses on Egle brevicornis. Egle brevicornis resembles the very common species Egle ciliata and the hardly recorded species Egle anderssoni Michelsen, 2009. The most important characteristics to distinguish Egle brevicornis can be found in the head (in brevicornis head higher than long, parafacial parallel-sided, fronto-parafacial angle lying well behind lower parafacial margin and haustellum and palp shorter than largest diameter of the eye) and the male genitalia (MICHELSEN, 2009)."

See figure 2 in that paper.