Thread subject: :: Chloropidae cf. Elachiptera <--a tiny fly with curious antennae, family?

Posted by guplox on 09-09-2023 16:36

Photographed just now from Zhejiang China. Body length approx. 3mm with rather curious antennae. What family could it possibly belong to? Thanks.

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Posted by guplox on 09-09-2023 16:40

from slightly different angle

Posted by Jan Maca on 09-09-2023 18:10

Probably genus Elachiptera or close to it.

Posted by guplox on 10-09-2023 00:57

Terrific! |t Thank you Jan Maca for enlightening me. Yes, this one has antennae very similar to those of Elachiptera tuberculifer (other details differ though).